All our birds range freely on about a half acre of pasture. This gives them the opportunity to forage their own diet of native plants and insects, which in turn makes their eggs richer and tastier with dark orange yolks. We supplement with certified organic feed from In Season Farms – about 15 miles from here.


Yay Chickens!! These curious, spunky little creatures provide us with daily entertainment, fresh eggs, and occasionally meat. They clean up our fields for us in the fall and feast upon any bugs sneakily trying to overwinter for next year’s crops. Our motley flock currently consists of about twenty chickens that provide us with a beautiful assortment of white, brown, and blue-green eggs. Our courageous rooster, Big Man, watches over the flock and keeps everyone (even us!) in line.


The ducks love to forage around the property and will practically do tricks for a slug. Our current flock consists mostly of buff and blue cayuga ducks. The Cayugas lay black eggs in the springtime, which slowly transition to gray and then white as the season progresses. They have gorgeous iridescent feathers. During the wet winter months the ducks can quickly turn our pasture into a mud pit, so we use portable fencing to rotate them through one section at a time and let the vegetation recover. Duck eggs are bigger and richer than chicken eggs, with a higher dose of Omega 3’s. They’re wonderful for baking and make an especially tasty handmade pasta.