Please be sure to read through our guidelines very carefully before submitting this contract. Thank you!


At Rabble and Roost, our CSA members are our highest priority. You will receive our freshest and best produce available, before our farmers market or restaurant customers. The support we receive from our CSA members before the season begins is incredibly important to the success of our farm. Our members share with us the risks and rewards of farming. Every season brings different weather, challenges, successes, and failures. There is a lot that can go wrong, from late or early frosts to insects and pests, to inclement weather and crop failure. We are new to our lovely 5 acre property in Ferndale and are still getting to know the land. For these reasons, we grow a diversified crop of over 50 varieties of produce and utilize techniques such as crop rotation, drip irrigation, row cover, and succession planting. We are always evolving to discover the best varieties and techniques for our microclimate. This season, as in past seasons, some crops will flourish and some crops may fail. We cannot guarantee quantities or contents of CSA shares. However, our greatest joy is in seeing our hard work pay off and we will work hard to share a colorful, healthful, and delicious variety of produce with our members. We encourage you to come out to the farm at least a few times throughout the season so that you can see and enjoy how the plants grow and change from seed to harvest.


STAY INFORMED – The single most important responsibility of all members is to educate themselves about the workings of our CSA program by thoroughly reading through the website and reading the weekly CSA email newsletter. The newsletter contains important information about what’s in the box, news from the farm, and details about the harvest.

PICK UP YOUR SHARE – To ensure the freshest produce we will only harvest the day of or day before your designated pick-up day. Your prompt pick-up (from the farm or your doorstep) will ensure you the best produce! Before the first harvest of the season you will be assigned a designated pick up or delivery day and time based on your preferences – either Wednesdays or Saturdays. Once the timeframe has been assigned, we appreciate your commitment to pick up your share at the same day/time each week for the course of the season. If you cannot pick up your share, you are welcome to have a friend pick up your share that week. Our goal is to have you enjoy your share and we will work with you if you give us enough advance notice. If you do not pick up your share and make no arrangements to have someone else pick it up for you then you forfeit your share that week and it will be used elsewhere or donated to local charities. There is no refund for unclaimed shares.

BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN THE PROGRAM – We encourage all of our members to become active participants in the CSA Program. You can do this by staying up to date with the news from the farm (by reading the weekly newsletters) and keeping in touch with the farm. Communication is critical! Please e-mail us often with your comments, suggestions and concerns. We will send out a mid-season and end of season survey that gives us the opportunity to respond to your needs. This is one of the great perks of CSA- you can actually talk to the farmer who grew your food! We also invite you to visit the farm to see just where your food comes from.


Rabble and Roost CSA Program aims for a 20-week membership share. Our season begins roughly the early-mid June and continues through mid-late October depending on weather.

Organically grown produce is picked fresh from our fields each week for our members. We have three shares available – Monthly, Small, and Large.

MONTHLY BOX – $75 per month (4 weeks), weekly pick-up
The monthly box will include 5-6 varieties of produce and will about halfway fill a paper grocery bag, depending on the varieties each week.

SMALL BOX – $300 per season, weekly pick-up
The small box will include 5-6 varieties of produce and will about halfway fill a paper grocery bag, depending on the varieties each week.

LARGE BOX – $500 per season, weekly pick-up
The large box will include 6-8 varieties of produce and will about fill a paper grocery bag, depending on the varieties each week.

We practice biodiversity and bio-intensive gardening methods. We use only our own compost to amend our fields, never synthetic fertilizers. We support local companies for our seed and material needs whenever possible, limit plastics, and practice recycling. We never use GMOS and prefer heirloom varieties. We offer complete transparency into our practices. If you ever care to read our chicken feed label, inspect the fields, or ask any particular questions about our methods you are more than welcome. We are always open to learning and evolving into a better business.


The purpose of Community Supported Agriculture is to provide support to the farmer at the beginning of the season when expenses are high and yield is low. Your membership fees will be used up front towards seeds, tools, irrigation equipment, and other items necessary to support the success of this season. For that reason, we cannot offer refunds. If you are unsure of your ability to commit to the membership for the entire season, we encourage you to consider a Monthly Box. If you are unable to pick up your share through to the end of the season, you are welcome to arrange for another person to take over your share.

If, due to unforeseeable events, Rabble and Roost is unable to harvest and prepare your share for more than 6 weeks during the course of the 20 week season, we will offer a pro-rated credit for each week missed by our fault up to 14 weeks at a rate of $20/week for large shares and $10/week for small shares. Monthly shares will be offered a credit of $10/week for all weeks uncompleted at the fault of Rabble and Roost that cannot be deferred to another week. Please note that these credits will only be offered unless each weekly share default was the fault of Rabble and Roost. Credits will not be offered for weekly shares missed due to member pick-up failure. Credits can be used for a-la-carte produce purchase, egg purchase, or any other products, classes, or events at the farm. Credits have no cash value and can only be redeemed with Rabble and Roost towards our products. Credits may also be used toward a share the following season.

In the unlikely event that crop failure occurs and credits must be issued, we would very much appreciate your understanding and patience. Mitigating disasters and bringing community together in a time of crisis is what CSA’s are all about.


Payment is due in full before the first share is picked up. We will accept two or three part payment programs, but cannot provide any produce that has not been paid for in advance.

Please make checks payable to Rabble and Roost LLC. You may mail in a check to our address listed below or contact us to schedule a tour and/or bring by cash or check in person. You may also pay online with a credit card. Processing fees apply for all credit card transactions. If you would like to pay by credit card please email us and we will send you the link for payment.


We may be reached anytime via text or email (don’t worry, late night or early morning texts don’t bother us). You can also reach us by phone. We pledge to promptly return your messages. Please be aware that our farm is also our home. We appreciate advance notice if you’d like to stop by for a visit or tour.

FARM NUMBER: 360-328-1375
DAKOTA’S CELL: 917-971-8960
LYNDON’S CELL: 360-684-4154

7762 N Enterprise Rd
Ferndale WA 98248

Directions from Bellingham – take I-5 North from Bellingham to the Grandview Rd Exit (#266). Turn right onto Grandview Road then left at the first four-way stop onto Enterprise Rd. Enterprise will curve sharply to the right and become Harksell Rd, then sharply to the left and become Enterprise again. Continue heading North for about a mile. You will pass Willey’s Lake Rd on your right. Our driveway is the next driveway on the right. We have a green mailbox labeled 7762 and a long tree-lined driveway.


Thank you! Please complete the membership application and contract online through the CSA tab on our website. Be sure to keep a copy of these guidelines for your records. We are happy to email you a PDF copy at your request.