Let’s Make This Official!

Rabble & Roost has been an idea in the making for some time now. I’m not usually one to let fear stop me from doing anything, but in the case of turning my tiny little homestead into a farm, I was definitely scared. Just choosing a name and sticking to it was enough to delay my progress for at least the last four months. What if I didn’t like it a week later or a month later? Or what if someone down the road reveals some strange association or rhyme that taints its meaning in my mind forever? What makes a farm a farm anyway? Lots of people keep chickens in their backyards. Lots of people are interested in self sufficiency and sustainability and grow a garden every year. There are countless films, books, blogs, tv shows, and magazines about young farmers. What could I┬ácontribute that was anything different or special? I think these are questions and anxieties that must plague anyone contemplating a new business and putting themselves out there. But, when it comes down to it, this is what I do. I am a farmer. My life has always had food at it’s center. I will always have chickens, start seeds in the spring, and spend as much time as possible outside in the garden watching summer unfold into a crazy exciting bounty of deliciousness and I’ll always be finding my place in helping it do so. I love to invite other people to get excited about these things too. So why wait? A farm by any other name still smells as… umm… well you’ll just have to come and see for yourself!!