Honeybees are truly fascinating creatures. They spend all day pollinating our vegetables, making each plant more productive. They also supply us with delicious honey! Or at least they will… someday. The art of beekeeping is still a mystery to us. Our highest priority in beekeeping is having healthy hives. For us that often means only harvesting small amounts of honey, so that the bees have what they need to get through winter. In the meantime, while we’re learning and honing our skills, we have local raw honey available from our beekeeping friends and mentors. Honey is available year-round for $20 a pint. Please email us to place an order!

Our hives are populated with Carniolan honeybees. Different from the more common Italian honeybees used by many beekeepers, these are a hearty subspecies native to Austria, Slovenia, and parts of Eastern Europe. They are known to be less aggressive towards beekeepers but also more defensive against other insects that might endanger the hive. They have a better resistance to disease and parasites that commonly plague other subspecies, and are adept at regulating colony population. They adjust their numbers to be higher when plant nectar is flowing but quickly decrease the population when food sources run out in the fall. That all in turn means more honey for us! Beekeeping is an adventure that always keeps us on our toes, seeking that sweet reward.